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Since my early teens, I have been active with a camera, initially as part of my interest in railways and buses; also, to document buildings and other aspects of our environment which were  in a process of change. The camera soon also became a creative tool, aiming to capture and find an interesting slant on landscapes, townscapes, and indeed anything - even the most mundane - that had, or could be made to have some interesting visual quality.    For a selection of photos, of organs, churches....and much more general subjects, go to photo albums.

The section is under constant development and not all the content is as yet fully categorised or annotated.  However, I hope that this will not prevent you from enjoying the content.

Almost all of my very large collection of train and bus photos were taken in the pre-digital age, but just perhaps one day I will get some of these digitised and shown here.

May 2020

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